About Go Samrakshanam


Till a few decades back a house without a cow was unthinkable in India. From ancient times Go Matas have always been a part of our families. But with people increasingly moving to towns and cities, it has become impossible to maintain cows in our homes thereby leading to the neglect of one of our most important duties.


An alternate way of continuing this dharmam would be to support Go Shalas.


We are maintaining a GoShala near the temple town of Chidambaram. Most of the cows in our care are old and neglected ones which had no one to take care of them. We are tending to such cows with great care and affection.


But we desperately need support. Maintaining a cow costs about Rs.55/- per day, which is Rs.20,000/- for one year.


Our humble request to you is to sponsor at least one cow every year.


It is said that all the 33 crores devatas reside within the GoMatha. By supporting this effort you and your family will become permanent recepients of the grace and blessings of GoMatha.


Go Samrakshanam is indeed a dharma of extraordinary merit.


We humbly and earnestly look forward to your support. We will pray for the well being of your family and send you prasadam every month.


May Goddess Sivakamasundari and Lord Nataraja shower their blessings on you and your family.


With Respectful Regards,

Amma Illam Trust

(Cow Care Centre)

A Non-Profit Organization (80G Approved)

Reg. No. 76/2003

No.5, South Sannathi, Chidambaram - 608 001, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Ph.: +91-4144-220021

Mobile: +91-9003545439

Email: secretary@cowcarecentre.org

Amma Illam Trust is a Non-Profit Organization. Cash donations are tax-deductible u/s 80G.