Sri Sivagamasundari Samaedha Sri Aanandha Nataraja Rajamoorthy’s Grace


swasthi prajaapya paripaalayanthaam
gyaanaena maargaena maheemahisaagaa
ko braahmanaebyo subhamasthu nithyam
lokhaa samasthaathu sughino bavanthu


Among all the animals in the World, Cows and Bulls are the most helpful animals for human living. Cow provides Milk, Butter, Ghee and Yogurt in their direct and derived forms. Bulls provide means for transportation and land tilling. These two animals provide their services with their body and soul to humans without any expectations compared to that of any other animals.


Cow Care Centre (CCC) has been created to take care of Cows and Bulls during their old age until their natural death.


Every morning all the Cows and Bulls are given a bath, fed with natural and man-made feeds. Every evening, Poojas are performed to Cows and Bulls followed by feeding and resting. It is in the mission of Cow Care Centre to pray Cows and Bulls and present our Thanks to them for their and our existence.


Cow Care Centre is similar to old age home for humans, but for Cows and Bulls. The Centre is based out of Chidambaram in Cuddalore district in Tamilnadu and operated in Nanjalur village (4 KM from Chidambaram).


There are 150 Cows and Bulls taken care at the centre today. We intend to expand this number to 1000 in the future and to campaign for anti-slaughter of Cows and Bulls. We ask our fellow Indians to join our cause by growing at least One Cow to support you with a peaceful and healthy life.



Amma Illam Trust (Cow Care Centre)

Amma Illam Trust is a Non-Profit Organization. Cash donations are tax-deductible u/s 80G.